Equip students with Leadership, Innovation,  Values, Excellence and Entrepreneurship for a Rewarding Future

Who we Are

We are a team of  professionals from diverse background and deep experience, all driven by passion to bring transformation in education for better tomorrow.

G-LIFE2 is a non-profit social enterprise committed to implement the concept of “L.I.F.E.” in schools. 


To plant seeds of Leadership, Innovation, Foundational Values and Attitude of Excellence in students of Primary and Secondary Education. To empower Teachers through our GURUTWA programme, inculcating in them an attitude to innovate and excel in all kinds of skills.   


With the idea of LIFE, schools would find themselves in global frontline. We would conduct Conferences, Workshops, Exhibitions, and Competitions to develop G-LIFE2 programmes in schools.  

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  • GLIFE2 is designed to adress serious problems in the education system in Bharat
  • At the core of our design is the fullest possible growth of each student in an informal way
  • The solution requires equitable participation and ownership by management. teachers and parents

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Pandav Nagar Sus Road Pashan Pune 411021

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Flat No 803, Supriya Classic, Baner Pune 411045